In early 2014, after years of trying for a baby, my husband and I received diagnoses that would make it difficult for us to conceive on our own. We were told our best option would be IVF, and later that year we decided to pursue that option.

We were elated when we learned that we had eight embryos. These embryos immediately brought us so much hope and we were filled with love for them.

We transferred two embryos, and were completely overjoyed when we found out we were pregnant with twins! The pregnancy was high risk and full of complications, but in 2015 we welcomed our healthy son and daughter.

As our twins grew, we felt more and more at peace that our family was complete. We put off deciding what to do with our embryos, as it was so difficult to come to terms with parting with them in any way. After lots of time and discussions, we were both in agreement that we did not want to have them discarded. These little embryos had brought us so much hope, and we ultimately realized we wanted them to bless the lives of another family and have the opportunity at life.

In 2020, we found the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program and quickly felt that this was the route we wanted to go. After being sent a few profiles of adopting families, we finally found a couple that we both felt was meant to receive our embryos. All six of the embryos were placed with this couple, and they have since welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family!

Each step of the process, from deciding to donate our embryos to ultimately learning of the birth of baby boy, has been full of lots of emotions. However, the overwhelming feeling we have is one of gratitude and joy. We are so incredibly thankful to our adopting couple for choosing embryo adoption and giving a chance at life to those six embryos that brought us so much hope. We love receiving pictures of the sweet baby boy that has joined their family and feel so much love for him. We are excited for them to welcome more children in the future.

Making the decision to donate our embryos was not an easy one. The process was sometimes hard and emotionally challenging. Nevertheless, we have never regretted our decision and are forever grateful for this experience.

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