Today is National Sibling Day, and your social media feed might be flooded with photos of individuals laughing and smiling with their siblings.

You look at your beautiful child and wonder if they will ever have the chance to experience the joy that sibling relationships bring. There are many misconceptions about secondary infertility, and many well-meaning friends and family members may thoughtlessly ask, “So, when are you guys going to have another one,” without thinking or considering that you may be having difficulties in that area.

Infertility does not exclusively occur with couples who are trying to start a family for the first time. Some are still facing infertility, even after a successful pregnancy. They may desperately wish to give their child a sibling but find it more difficult than they realized…

This is secondary infertility. According to the Mayo Clinic, secondary infertility is the inability to successfully achieve pregnancy or carry a baby to term after previously having a child.

Secondary infertility is usually unexpected, and there are several emotions that come with the diagnoses: Grief, guilt, shame, and even depression.

However, through embryo adoption, a couple can still have hope to successfully expand their family!

Celebrating National Siblings Day does not look the same for every family. Siblings are more than just blood and DNA. There is no right way to grow your family—just look through some social media posts to see the countless unique ways families’ across the country celebrate their siblings, whether this be traditional, international or even embryo adoption.

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