Embryo Adoption Pros and Cons

There are many excellent benefits to working with an adoption agency to receive donated embryos.

An immediate benefit is that most embryo adoption programs have embryos available. Many fertility clinics with embryo donation programs have very long recipient waiting lists and most offer embryos only to their existing patients. Embryo adoption agencies match couples from across the United States and do require that you work within their guidelines and qualifications, but most families can find an embryo adoption agency that meets their unique needs.

If it is an open adoption, a benefit of embryo adoption is you know your child’s genetic parents and siblings. You have their support, and you have access to them should any medical need arise, now or in the future. Your child will always have knowledge of his or her genetic siblings and accidental meetings or romantic involvement will not be an issue.

You can even arrange to meet the genetic family so the genetic siblings will always know each other.

Embryo adoption services may provide counseling support throughout your adoption journey and beyond. From the matching phase to the frozen embryo transfer, to the questions posed by your six- or sixteen-year-old, a counselor will always be available to you and your children.

Updates can be sent between families over the years, using the agency as a liaison.
If direct contact is desired later on, it may be possible to open that door for communication.

By using an agency for your embryo adoption, you’ll have all the information you need to tell your children their special story, providing them with the secure sense of identity they need.

For more information on embryo donation and adoption visit www.EmbryoAdoption.org.