At the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in October 2022, the findings of a new research project were presented on Psychosocial Outcomes of Children Born via Embryo Donation.

The objective of the study was to assess parents’ perception of the psychosocial adjustment of their children born via embryo donation and their relationships.

The hypothesis of the study were:

  • Donor-conceived children born via embryo donation are psychosocially well-adjusted
  • Parents perceive good relationships with their children born via embryo donation

The conclusion? Families created through embryo donation report favorable in many categories:

  • Parent-child relationship quality
  • Child behavioral adjustment
  • Child social/emotional adjustment

In summary, the report stated there is a high degree of comfort with embryo donation given disclosure rates with minimal regret. Most of the respondents were provided with embryo adoption education, which explained the benefits of being open and honest with their children about their origins from the very beginning.

Another positive finding of the research is that embryo donation does not appear to increase the risk of adverse obstetric or fetal outcomes.  

More research will need to be conducted to understand the psychosocial outcomes of children who were born through embryo donation versus embryo adoption programs.

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