2023. The beginning of a fresh New Year. Time to start making resolutions for the year—ways we can better ourselves! It is also that time of year when annual embryo storage fees are often due and families may consider embryo donation.

For families with remaining embryos, there are four different choices of what to do with them. This is often a difficult decision for couples to make.

  1. Thaw and discard
  2. Donate to science
  3. Keep the embryos frozen and continue paying storage fees indefinitely
  4. Donate them to another family for reproduction

This decision can be so overwhelming that many families will put it off for years. However, by the time most couples choose to donate their embryos to another family, it may be too late…

The sooner you choose to donate your embryos, the better it will be for your adoptive family, your embryos, and you!

One reason why it is better to donate sooner rather than later is the embryos have a better chance at surviving the thawing process. While it is true that every embryo has the potential to survive the thaw, statistics show that the younger the embryos are more likely to do so.

Another reason is that embryo freezing and thawing technology does change. Older embryos with outdated freezing methods often require special kits to successfully thaw the embryos. These kits can be expensive and add to the expenses for the adoptive family’s frozen embryo transfer.

Finally, fertility clinics become more reluctant with each passing storage year to accept these older embryos into their practice. They are focused on accepting embryos into their practice that they feel will most likely result in pregnancies: Embryos frozen with the latest technology, at the blastocyst stage, and has only been frozen for a couple of years. While you may have an adoptive family that is eager to take a chance on your embryos, their fertility clinic may prevent a match from moving forward. This can be devastating to both families!

Will you consider making this decision a priority? Make the choice to give them the chance at life that you created them for and bless another couple with the opportunity to grow their family.

Visit EmbryoAdoption.org today to get started on your embryo donation journey!