You know the sadness and frustration when an IVF cycle does not result in your greatest hope—a baby. After all, you have borne this hope in both your body and relationships. With all the variables at play during an IVF cycle, it is difficult to determine the WHY behind when things don’t result in a baby. Many times, egg quality is identified as a concern when there has been failed IVF cycles. The first solution provided by your medical team will most likely be to purchase eggs from an egg donor and create embryos.

But did you know that you have another choice in embryo adoption?

The decision to bring children in your family through either option is complicated. There are both practical as well as ethical considerations. To assist you in making this decision, here is a side by side comparison .

In a nutshell, you will need to consider:
  • Cost – Remember with egg donation, you will still incur the costs of IVF fertilization after you purchase the eggs.
  • Remaining Embryos – What would you do if you find yourself with remaining embryos after your IVF processes with donor egg?
  • Success Rates – You do avoid the pins and needles of the fertilization process when you already have embryos from embryo adoption as opposed to eggs.
  • Medical History of the donor v. the placing family of the adopted embryos
  • Relational Tensions – There can be relational tension in your own marriage when donor materials were used for one side of the genetic equation and not the other.
  • Ethical Considerations – These abound…just Google donor conceived children.

Our hope is that you have peace and confidence in your decision once you have done good research, but more importantly had a thorough discussion with your partner about your family building. If you are interested in learning more about the option of embryo adoption, visit