Many people are not aware that an infertility diagnosis for a couple can be on the man’s side. Of all infertility cases around the world, 40-50% is due to male factor infertility. There are a variety of types of male factor infertility: low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology. In other words, you might not have many sperm, they may be slow, or they may have a funny shape—or a combination of those three!

Even though male factor infertility can be somewhat common, there are not a lot of resources for those men or their spouses.

On this Father’s Day, we are here to support you. You are not alone.

1. You didn’t do anything wrong.

There is not a specific approach or magical way to get your wife pregnant than what you are already doing. The tightness of your jeans has not made a difference. You have not done anything to make your sperm a different shape or slow down their speed. For better or for worse, you are not able to control this.

2. Talk it out.

Sit down with your spouse and talk about how you are feeling. Grab a fancy journal and a nice pen and write out your thoughts. Getting your emotions out can help you become an overall health person.

3. Don’t dwell; find community, a hobby, or both.

It is not good for one’s mental health to sit and dwell on the things they are not able to change. While it is good to process a situation, sometimes thinking about a negative experience too much can cause even more pain and even obsession. Find a community or support group you trust to lean on during this tough time. In addition, pick up a new hobby, sport, or go on that adventure you always talked about!

4. There’s hope.

With embryo adoption, you can expand your family without needing invasive surgery. Your wife can carry your adopted child! Check out to learn more.