So, you have decided to build your family through adoption. Congratulations! What a very special way to bring children into your home! Now the next question is—which program do I choose? From foster-adoption to international, there are many great choices to build your family. Embryo adoption is a lesser known form of adoption, but it could very well be the next step in building your family! Here are four main reasons you may want to consider embryo adoption:

You want to adopt an infant.

When first considering adoption, many families first wish to adopt an infant as opposed to an older child. The desire to be in the child’s life from the very beginning is an attractive prospect—you are able to bond and form a connection with the child without too many outside influences involved. Embryo adoption is the quickest and easiest way to bring an adopted infant into your home.

You want to experience pregnancy!

Many families considering embryo adoption have been diagnosed with infertility. This is especially hard on women who really desire to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Embryo adoption lets you adopt a child, and carry that child for nine months! You also get to be in control of the prenatal environment and experience prenatal bonding with your child. Even families who do not face infertility like the idea that they can be pregnant with a baby they adopted!

You want security of placement.

Adopting an infant can be such an emotional rollercoaster in which nothing is guaranteed. The birth mother can decide upon delivery that she wants to parent the child, or in foster care the children can end up being reunited with their biological family. In the United States, embryos are governed by property law. Once the donors have signed over their ownership rights, the adoptive parents are now the legal owners and have all parental rights and responsibilities regarding any children born from those embryos. There isn’t a guaranteed pregnancy in embryo adoption upon your first frozen embryo transfer, but you are able to adopt a larger set of embryos which allows you to subsequent transfer attempts without going through the adoption process again.

You want to adopt, but feel that the cost is prohibitive.

Embryo adoption is one of the most cost-effective forms of adoption, coming just behind foster care or foster-adoption.

Embryo adoption is a truly amazing way to build your family. From having control of the child’s prenatal environment, experiencing childbirth, and security of placement, all the while not breaking the bank, embryo adoption is an incredibly appealing adoption choice. If you can relate to wanting to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and have the most secure adoption possible, then embryo adoption is your next step!

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