How does social media affect your embryo adoption journey?

Social media came out in the early 2000s and is here to stay. It has been a helpful resource for families who are considering pursuing embryo adoption or donation. It allows you to connect with others, get your questions answered (and answer other’s questions!), hear firsthand experiences, and even ask for advice.

But as we like, follow, and subscribe to different accounts with similar journeys and experiences that we have, we must ask ourselves, “What is the downside to getting my answers and advice from individuals online?”

There are good things about social media groups for sure! There are also bad things, and just straight up ugly (misinformation and ignorance).

Let us start with the good stuff:

  • Connecting with other people who are traveling a similar path.
  • Being able to share your story…we are meant to share story and be in relationship.
  • That huge relief we feel when someone understands what we are going through.
  • Feeling like we are not alone when our brain and emotions are telling us that we are.
  • Receiving recommendations and resources that help us navigate our journey.

But… also the bad:

  • People can hide behind screens…as much as you think you know this new online friend…you do not know them truly.
  • Human beings are messy. They say things they do not mean and are untruthful and regret it later (or worse yet, maybe they do not regret it).
  • When people are going through similar journeys, sometimes they will start to compete.My journey is far worse than yours…”, or “Why are you having such a hard time?”
  • Information overload…or worse yet, advice overload.
  • What is helpful for one person may not be helpful for you.

And finally, the ugly:

  • Judgement, Trolling, Negativity… Need we say more?
  • Studies have shown that depression and social media go hand in hand.
  • Your life can get out of balance quickly as you spend more and more time on social media platforms.
  • PsychCentral tells us that people become anxious and lose sleep the more they interact with social media…Facebook specifically.

Deciding how you will engage with social media is a difficult decision, but it may be worth asking yourself, “Do these online connections really have my best interests at heart?”

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