2021 is finally here! The turn of a new year tends to motivate many families on their family building options. Whether you are experiencing infertility or not, there are many options to build or expand your family. One life-changing option is embryo adoption! Many couples and single women have found embryo adoption to be the right choice for their family.

But how do you know if embryo adoption is right for you?

  • Creating embryos with donor eggs is too expensive Perhaps you have tried multiple rounds of IVF with your own gametes, but have not been able to get pregnant. Maybe your doctor has recommended looking into donor eggs to create embryos. This option can be very costly, and might not be the right option for you in regards to finances.
  • I don’t want to create embryos. Some families don’t feel comfortable creating embryos for religious, moral, or financial reasons.
  • I have the desire to be pregnant. Maybe adopting domestically, internationally, or through the foster care system does not appeal to you because you still have a strong desire to experience pregnancy and give birth.
  • I have a strong heart for adoption. Maybe you and your partner don’t struggle with infertility, but have heard of embryo adoption and feel a strong pull toward adopting embryos.

Through embryo adoption, a family with remaining embryos has made the difficult and beautiful choice to place those embryos for with another family. You can receive this incredible gift and give birth to your adopted child!

If any of these reasons resonate with you, please visit EmbryoAdoption.org.