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Tim and Ellen considered three different agencies. All had great things about them, but they elected to work with the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. They felt comfortable with the people they interacted with and were able to get answers to most of their questions answered up front. Tim and Ellen’s confidence in the program grew after each interaction.

In April 2017, Tim and Ellen submitted their application to Snowflakes. Their home study was completed in about three months. Then it was time to enter the matching phase of the program. Incredibly, Tim and Ellen were matched with a placing family in 10 days. They needed some time to pause, think, and pray. Two days later, they gratefully accepted the placing family’s invitation to match.

Next came the adoption and communication agreements. Once the contracts were returned, signed and notarized by both families, it was time to ship with embryos to their clinic.

“Our ‘embabies’ arrived at our clinic in December 2017. We expect to have our first frozen embryo transfer in January 2017. It’s amazing to think that less than one year from submitting our initial application we could be pregnant with our adopted child!”

“We eagerly await the day of our transfer. We are eagerly waiting the day we can feel them kick as my belly grows. We are eagerly waiting the day we can hold them in our arms. We are eagerly waiting the day we can tell them how much God loves them.”

If you would like to follow Ellen and Tim’s journey, you can find their video blogs on their YouTube channel Ellen VT or search “VT Embryo Adoption.” You can watch their latest vlog about their pre-transfer experience here.

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