Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family at! In the Winter/Spring 2018 issue, you can read:

  • Adoption: Building Healthy Family Communications – Helpful tips on how to build healthy communications through an open adoption.
  • 10 Pregnancy Myths – Some of our favorite pregnancy myths revealed!
  • In Process: Choosing and Completing an Embryo Adoption – The Van Treurens’ story of how they came to the decision to adopt four embryos.
  • What Is a Home Study, and Why Is It Important? – A look at home studies and why they are important for any adoption process.
  • 9 Tips to Long-Term Success in Adoptive Parenting – An article describing tips to put into practice while raising an adopted child.
  • An Embryo Adoption Success Story of International Proportions – The story of two families connecting through their embryo adoption!