As the festive music fades and the holiday lights come down, reality of the New Year starts to settle in. Yearly bills begin to arrive for different financial obligations, one of them being your frozen embryos. Year after year, you pay the same storage fee (or some years the price gets higher!), and year after year you tell yourself you need to do something about your embryos. Could this year finally be the year your family finds a solution for your embryos in storage?

So, what are the options available to you? Well, you can continue doing what you’re doing: pay the storage fee repeatedly, every year for the rest of your life. But is that really feasible? Would you consider discarding the embryos? Or perhaps donate them to medical research? But you cannot bear the thought of destroying a potential life… Maybe you would consider donating the embryos to another couple, and allow them to experience the thankfulness and joy of having a baby.

It is a tough decision. Some agencies provide storage solutions for your now if your current storage costs are a burden. This allows you time to make a thoughtful decision regarding the choice for your embryos.

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