Around this time of year, we hear a lot about “The Ultimate Gift.” Television, radio, and online advertisements constantly bombard us with the ultimate gift for her, the ultimate gift for him, the ultimate gift for the family. Companies will use this slogan when promoting jewelry, new cars, the latest iPhone, or the hottest toy for the kids. Obviously, none of these are the ultimate gift. However, you might have something that could be someone’s ultimate gift: Embryos.

Your remaining embryos could be someone’s answer to starting their family. Giving others the chance to give your embryos life is truly the Ultimate Gift.

We are so incredibly grateful for our children. You especially went through so much to have them here with you: money, doctor consultations, medications, embryo transfers, multiple pregnancy tests, and days, maybe weeks, waiting to hear results. Wouldn’t you like to give the same opportunity to someone else who is going through the exact same hardships as you did?

We get it, making the decision to gift your embryos to another couple is extremely hard. It’s difficult to think of another family raising a child who is genetically your own. It’s tough to think of a mother celebrating mile stones with a baby who may look exactly like you. Maybe you might feel guilty that you yourself cannot give the embryos a chance at life. But with two, maybe three (or maybe four!), children of your own already, it can be stressful to think of another mouth to feed.

This mother of triplets wrote a letter to her 12 remaining embryos, detailing why she knows her embryos are not hers to keep. In the letter she states, “I don’t really know if we will be going back for another round of IVF. Your siblings are triplets and it is kind of a lot right now. And if we decided to have another baby and had the opportunity to bring one of you into this world, it wouldn’t be for a few more years and we know we could only take one of you. I wish we could take all of you, but I know deep in my heart that God didn’t make you so I could keep all of you just for myself.”

With storage costs adding up, and your fertility clinic pushing you to make a decision about your remaining embryos, it may feel like you’re being pressed from all sides to make the difficult decision hastily. You have options, and giving the Ultimate Gift to another couple is one of them.

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