Get Fit for Fertility!

September 27th marks the annual Women’s Health and Fitness Day. We have been told as far back as we can remember that if we exercise and eat right, we will be healthier and happier overall. This not only applies to body weight and a lower risk of heart disease, but also may increase the likelihood of conceiving.

Even minor stressors on the body may affect your ability to conceive.

Minor stressors such as not eating right, not getting enough exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption. However, exposure to certain pesticides and chemicals, the amount of sleep you get, hydration, and caffeine intake also have an impact. And, believe it or not, your dental hygiene may have an impact. Research shows that gum disease can add two months to the amount of time it takes to conceive. Improving or, in certain instances, kicking these habits may increase your fertility.

Have you tried everything under sun already to conceive?

Before you leap forward into in-vitro fertilization, you may want to consider embryo adoption.  Rather than making more embryos, you receive a gift of embryos that already exist and are waiting for a friendly womb! Is it possible that embryo adoption will be the solution that brings a sweet baby into your loving arms? Visit for more information.