Two Embryos and Three Babies Later…

In the spring of 2013, four embryos were accepted into the care of Luke and Joni. Luke and Joni were helped by Lutheran Family Services of Iowa to begin their embryo adoption journey.  They had three biological children in their family and had long ago decided they would like to add children to their family through adoption.

Luke said, “Joni and I have always wanted to adopt.  We talked about adoption early on in our relationship. We didn’t begin our embryo adoption from a position of infertility but adoption.”

In December 2013 Luke and Joni doubled their existing child-count of three when Joni gave birth to three 4.5 pound babies Ezekiel, Malachi and Evangeline.


And if triplets isn’t amazing enough, the triplets were a result of the transfer of only two of the surviving embryos placed into Luke and Joni’s care.  Two embryos, three babies.  The Family of five goes to family of 8!

“Everybody wants to know what I did and I didn’t do anything. I keep telling them that God did this all,” said Joni.

Is embryo adoption a new idea to you?  Watch this helpful webinar from the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center to learn more: Let's Talk About It: Explaining Embryo Adoption to the Unfamiliar.