Celebrate National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption month and a wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate and help spread the good news about one of the least known forms of adoption – Embryo Adoption!

If you’re thinking about donating/adopting

Reach out to a family you know who has adopted or donated embryos to learn more about their experience. Don’t know anyone who has? We do! Contact us and we will help connect you.

bebe-dormido-cunitaAttend an adoption month activity in your area and share about embryo adoption with the folks you meet. Chances are, someone has been looking for embryo adoption, but they just didn’t realize it.

Join a support group for potential adoptive parents. If there isn’t one in your area, start one.

Sign-up online for updates from the Awareness Center.

Read Pathway2Family.

Start a blog that shares your journey towards embryo adoption.

Connect with other families through online forums to discuss your experience and receive support.

Start an adoption baby book, photo album, or journal to share with your future child one day.

Watch videos of other family’s experiences in embryo adoption.

Watch webinars about embryo adoption

If you have adopted or placed embryos for adoption

Start an Adoption Month family tradition. Pick a special activity, like going out to dinner, having a picnic in the park, or taking a day trip to your favorite spot, and make it an annual celebration.

Offer to meet with families who are considering adopting or placing embryos.

Tell your story. We are always looking for families to share their story about embryo adoption with us. Email Amy@nightlight.org and Amy can help you write your beautiful and unique story.

Consider sharing your story with the news.

Share about embryo adoption with a friend.

Share with your Ob/Gyn.

Read your child’s life book to them.

Read embryo adoption story books to your children.

Send a care package to your child’s genetic parents.

Get Social – Share the Awareness Center’s Posts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Talk about embryo adoption, share stories or inspiring news articles about families who grew through embryo adoption.

Get smart – learn about embryo adoption so you can share about it with others.

Help fundraise for a family who would like to adopt embryos.

Show your stuff – Write a blog about why embryo adoption; paint a picture and display it publicly; use a sports event to raise awareness and funds; write a song or talk about embryo adoption at a concert; create a short film and post it on YouTube.

Make videos viral – plaster videos about embryo adoption in your newsfeed.

Encourage your place of employment to offer adoption benefits to employees and to include embryo adoption as a covered type of adoption.