Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


Each and every day that passes without seeing your infant grow into an amazing little being, or feeling your little being inside you, you remember.  You remember the hope, the heartache, and the enveloping feelings of loss.  Though your memories are with you every day, this October 15th marked National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  A day to reflect, love, and remember.

28 years ago, this nationally recognized day began as a way to offer families time to remember the babies they have lost. Families around the world who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or infant lit candles on Saturday, October 15th to create a continuous wave of light around the world in remembrance of those lives lost.  It was a day to illuminate the love you had and still have.

Though the success rate for frozen embryo transfers is actually slightly higher than from a fresh cycle of in vitro fertilization, the process is not foolproof and some adoptive mothers have experienced the grief of losing a pregnancy.  Any mother who loses a pregnancy knows the pain endured, those who adopt embryos aren’t exempt.

Aubrie, married and expectant, was so excited to welcome a child into the world.  After choosing embryo adoption, she and her husband were elated to find out she was pregnant.  Joy turned to suffering when she miscarried.  Not only was she devastated, her husband had a very hard time coming to terms with the loss too.  She had remarkable strength and learned many lessons through their loss.  Aubrie’s story has inspired other families to look into embryo adoption.

Bringing more life into the world is paramount to many happy families.  Embryo adoption can be the right avenue for many to create this goal:

While losing a pregnancy, or suffering the pain of losing an infant, families have found embryo adoption to be a successful alternative way to become parents after their own painful losses. Meet J.V. and Cathy, a couple who chose embryo adoption after a series of miscarriages that doctors couldn’t explain:

Your journey is your own.  Everyone processes grief and loss differently – honor how you feel. October 15th was a day to get together with others who have experienced tragic losses; a day to spread light.

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