What One Adoptive Family Says About their Embryo Donors

Embryo Adoption: The Reas Family

When David and Joanna Rea were considering embryo adoption, they weren’t just thinking about the potential to grow their family; they were thinking about the family who would be donating their embryos to them as well. Even before they’d been matched, the Reas thought about their donor family a lot and the generosity of the gift someone would be giving them. They knew that deciding what to do with your remaining embryos couldn’t be an easy choice, and felt like they could help the donating family while they themselves were helped with their dream of having more children.

“We felt like we could take some of the burdens off of them and still grow our family,” David said in a recent interview for Pathway2Family magazine. “They made an amazing, loving choice to donate their embryos...it’s an amazing decision on their part.”

David and Joanna adopted their embryos through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program and celebrated the birth of their daughter, Vivienne, soon after.

“They’ve worked so hard to create their family and they love those embryos because they worked so hard to create their family,” Joanna said. “We can only imagine that it would be an agonizing decision. We had this miracle, Vivienne, who has blessed our lives more than we could even imagine. We’re so thankful for this opportunity. It’s a life-giving option and we’re on the receiving end of it.”

You can read more about the Rea family, meet their donor family, and see how the families are handling their open adoption in the upcoming June/July issue of Pathway2Family. If you’d like to learn more about embryo adoption and donation, you can visit EmbryoAdoption.org.