How Do I Donate My Remaining Embryos?

Currently, there are over 600,000 embryos in storage in the United States. Some of those embryos will go on to be born, while others will have to wait for their genetic parents to decide what to do with them. Should they be discarded? Donated to science? One of the options available to families with remaining embryos in storage is embryo donation. This allows them to give their embryos to another couple who wants to have a baby of their own.

Embryo donation is a life-giving option for remaining embryos, but many couples have a lot of questions about the process before they make their choice. How do you donate your embryos? What sort of process will you need to go through to successfully donate your embryos? This video can answer some of those questions and give you information about how to donate your remaining embryos:

You’ll have to ask yourself several questions when you start looking into embryo donation, such as whether or not you want to remain anonymous, choose the family who adopts your embryos, or want to stay in contact with the adoptive family in the future. No matter what your preferences are, though, there is an adoption agency or fertility clinic out there that meets your requirements. You can find programs around the country that meet your needs as well as more information on embryo donation by visiting