family on beachIf you are trying for a baby and want to increase your chances of conceiving, there are things that you and your partner can do together to help boost your chances. Check out some of these fertility-boosting ideas:

  • Change your diet. Not only is it a good idea to go into parenthood feeling your best, but there are actually some foods that can help boost fertility in men and women. Men should chow down on oysters, which increase sperm production, or other foods high in zinc content like pumpkin seeds. Women should concentrate on increasing their protein intake with meats, beans and eggs.
  • Curb your vices. Cutting back on unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking alcohol can be tough, but you’ll find it’s a lot easier if you are encouraging each other. Not only will you feel better, but studies have shown that smoking can decrease fertility in both men and women, while alcohol can negatively affect your growing baby even before you know you are pregnant.
  • Take time to relax. Stress can actually inhibit your ability to conceive and trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process. Take time to relax together. Doing yoga or meditating as a couple isn’t only a great time for bonding, but allows you to reduce the stress hormone levels in your body. Stress can reduce blood flow to your vital reproductive organs and even throw off your hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for hormone control.

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