What Option do You Have After an Infertility Diagnosis?

Millions of couples will face an infertility diagnosis. After you’ve been diagnosed, what happens next? While some couples may decide not to parent, others will begin looking at alternative family building options. Their roadblocks won’t end there, though. They may find in vitro fertilization to be too expensive (and too heartbreaking when it doesn’t work). Foreign adoption may cost too much money, and domestic adoption may take too much time. So what fertility treatment options are left?

This is the first video in a terrific series called Embryo Donation & Adoption: The Journey. If you are new to the idea of donating or adopting frozen embryos and want to learn more, start with the first video. Each video is only a few minutes long, so you can watch all ten videos in one sitting. The entertaining content will give you a much better understanding of the process and how it could be the right alternative family building choice for you. An infertility diagnosis isn’t the end of your journey to start or continue to build your family. Take time to learn more by visiting EmbryoAdoption.org.