If you’ve been listening to stories about embryo adoption, you’ve probably noticed that one benefits many mothers cite again and again is that they love the fact that they can carry their own adopted baby through the pregnancy. For many women who have faced an infertility diagnosis, this is an option that they likely thought was impossible for them. To discover that they can still carry a child through a pregnancy and experience childbirth can feel miraculous.

There are a lot of benefits to being able to carry your adopted child:

  • You’ll be in control of their prenatal environment. Giving your adopted child the best possible start to life, you can control their environment through proper nutrition, exercise, and a wonderful pregnancy experience.
  • It gives mom and baby lots of time to bond. Feeling your child move inside your belly, those first kicks, and carrying them inside you for nine months gives you lots of time to get to know each other and start that all-important bond.
  • Both parents have time to get ready. While many couples have been waiting for their own baby for far too long, those nine months give you time to plan, dream, and prepare for your new role as a parent. Traditional adoption, on the other hand, can happen virtually overnight.
If carrying your adopted baby for nine months through pregnancy and childbirth is something that appeals to you, take time to learn more about embryo adoption. You can learn more about the process at embryoadoption.org.

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