The Benefits of Partnering Your Fertility Clinic with an Embryo Adoption Agency

With the growing awareness of embryo adoption and more families choosing this family building method, more fertility clinics are facing questions about embryo adoption from their patients. While some fertility clinics are choosing to answer these questions by starting their own frozen embryo adoption programs, it certainly isn’t a necessity. There are established, experienced agencies in the United States that can help you connect your patients with embryos that are right for them. But what are the benefits of partnering with an embryo adoption agency?

  • The partnership keeps the legal, social and emotional responsibilities of the embryo adoption with the agency while your clinic maintains control over the medical procedures.
  • It can help bring more new patients to your clinic who are looking for a trusted, experienced doctor to perform their frozen embryo transfer.
  • It can reduce the amount of embryo storage happening in your clinic, freeing up resources while helping you increase your birth statistics.
  • The agency can maintain open communication between the donating and adopting families, which is better for everyone involved.
  • You won’t need to add additional support staff to your team to handle adoption issues; your current team of fertility medical professionals can provide embryo adoption services.
Your fertility clinic can provide frozen embryo adoption services with very little change to your internal infrastructure, while maximizing clinic profits and helping more couples realize their dream of becoming parents. The growing popularity of embryo adoption isn’t something your fertility clinic can ignore. Want to learn more about partnering with an embryo adoption agency or want to find one to partner with near you? Visit for more information.

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