Hear Embryo Adoption Stories Firsthand

When you are considering embryo adoption, hearing the stories of other couples who have been through the process can be incredibly helpful. Their stories can help answer your questions, calm your fears, and give you insight into areas you hadn’t considered before. EmbryoAdoption.org offers many opportunities to read embryo adoption stories, and now we’re giving you a chance to hear stories firsthand from couples who have been through the process themselves.

We’ll be offering a webinar of personal stories from embryo adopters on January 13th. This free webinar will include three different families who have been through the embryo donation and adoption process. You’ll hear from a couple experiencing their first embryo adoption pregnancy, and another couple who has had three children through the process. They’ll all speak honestly about their experiences – the good and the bad – and offer insight into the process for anyone considering embryo adoption for themselves. You’ll learn more about what it’s like before, during, and after an embryo adoption.

Be sure to write down any questions their stories may raise for you, because you can then sign up for our “Open Mic Night” webinar on January 27th. This webinar gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from embryo adoption experts, making it the perfect follow-up to the embryo adoption stories you’ve just heard. These are great webinars to help you decide if embryo adoption is the right choice for your family. You can sign up for both of them through our website, www.embryoadoption.org.

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