When Whitney gave birth to her son, Colt, there was no reason to suspect anything was wrong. She’s had the “perfect pregnancy” and a textbook delivery, but within two hours of his birth Colt was being rushed to NICU for treatment for a rare disease, epidermolysis bullosa. The disease caused little Colt’s skin to become very delicate and rub off at the slightest friction and made him prone to painful blisters and sores. The outlook wasn’t good for Whitney’s newborn son, and she and her husband hoped for a miracle.

Today, Colt is a happy, healthy two year old boy. His skin has strengthened and he is able to run down the sidewalk, play at the park, wear regular clothing and even enjoy trips to the beach. Whitney and her husband rejoice that their son was able to overcome his disease a live the normal life of an active two-year-old boy. They’ve since learned that epidermolysis bullosa is a genetic disease, and that both parents are carriers. Because of this, they are reluctant to have any more of their own genetic children.

That’s why they’ve decided to turn to embryo adoption. Whitney is currently undergoing her fourth frozen embryo transfer in an attempt to become pregnant with her donor embryos. You can follow her incredible journey and read more about her decision to use embryo adoption on her blog, Frozen Love. If you would like to learn more about embryo adoption or find a list of adoption agencies in your area, you can visit www.embryoadoption.org.

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