Unfortunately, many couples must eventually face the question of what to do when their fertility treatment options aren’t working. Sometimes the treatments simply won’t work for their specific type of infertility, sometimes couples have to stop treatments for financial reasons, and sometimes couples need to stop treatment due to the emotional and physical toll it has taken on them. When fertility treatments end, they have to ask themselves what the next step is going to be. Do they pursue adoption? Or decide to live a child-free life?

For Meg, a woman working with the Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut, the choice to adopt became clear after several unsuccessful in vitro fertilization treatments. You can read Meg’s story here, and discover her joy in adopting two beautiful sons into her family. For many couples considering frozen embryo adoption, her story will sound familiar and may offer some encouragement for the journey you are currently on while you seek the right path to parenthood.

Meg says, “To anyone reading this going through a similar situation, please know that as hard as it is now, you will find your path to parenthood, and whatever road you choose will get you to your ultimate destination. And, I promise, you too will never look back.”

Fertility treatments don’t always work, but they are far from the end of the story. If you believe that your path to parenthood may involve frozen embryo adoption, visit www.embryoadoption.org for more information and to find an agency near you.

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