Fertility Solutions When You Don’t Have a Great Healthcare Plan

Many big companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are helping their employees realize their dreams of becoming parents. The companies are offering benefits like paying for freezing their eggs or offering insurance policies that cover the cost of fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, these benefits and insurance coverage aren’t universal. Currently, only 15 states require insurance companies to offer coverage for fertility treatments.

That leaves many couples questioning what fertility solutions are available to them when insurance won’t pay. Often, in vitro fertilization is out of the question without insurance coverage; the cost of every IVF treatment can reach $15,000 or more, and often multiple cycles are needed before a woman becomes pregnant. The cost for domestic adoption can vary widely depending on your state, but costs can start at $15,000 and go much higher, with international adoptions costing even more. These high costs can leave many couples wondering if they can even afford an alternative family building method.

Thankfully, embryo adoption offers a more affordable option, and it’s one of the reasons that more couples are using this fertility solution. Embryo adoption starts at $6,000, though agency fees, counseling and matching services could add to that number. It’s still a fraction of the cost of other fertility solutions, giving more couples the chance to realize their dream of becoming parents without their insurance coverage.

If you would like to learn more about embryo adoption, the expenses involved, or how to find an embryo adoption agency near you, visit www.embryoadoption.org.

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