One of the first questions a couple will have about the embryo adoption process is how successful is it? What are your chances of a successful transfer and healthy pregnancy? You may have been struggling with infertility and you want to choose a family building option that gives you the best chance at a healthy, happy baby. While embryo adoption doesn’t come with a guarantee, the good news is that the frozen embryo transfer success rates are quite high and only getting better.

In fact, the success rate for frozen embryo transfers are often higher than those of a fresh IVF cycle. There are some factors that could affect the success rate, such as the health of the mother and the success rates of the individual clinic. But it doesn’t matter how long the embryos have been frozen – this seems to have little, if any, effect on the frozen embryo transfer success rate. There is even some research that suggests freezing the embryo before transfer could boost the success rate! Embryos frozen ten or more years have had successful transfer and resulted in beautiful, happy, and healthy babies.

Fertility treatments are not guarantees of success, but as science and technology continue to advance we expect to see the success rates of frozen embryo transfers continue to climb.  If you’d like to learn more about frozen embryos transfers and the success rates of embryo adoptions, visit You’ll be able to find more statistics and get answers from embryo adoption experts.

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