Snowflakes Babies Aren’t Just an Infertility Solution

Embryo adoption is becoming increasingly popular as an infertility solution thanks in part to safety, affordability, and rate of success. But it isn't just coupled struggling with infertility who are choosing frozen embryo adoption as a way to grow their family. Many people are learning about embryo adoption and find they have the heart to help give these Snowflakes babies a chance at the life they were created to have.

Embryo adoption can be a great choice for a family who already has children, but wants to open their homes and their hearts to more. Adoptive mothers will still get to experience the joys of pregnancy with their adopted child, and give them the best possible start to life by controlling the prenatal environment. It’s also a great option for single women who have been putting off starting their family until they find the right partner. If they are tired of waiting and want to start their family now, embryo adoption is a viable choice that can give them the family they’ve always wanted.

The number of frozen embryos in storage in the United States is well over 600,000. If you want to expand your family – whether you are infertile, have your own children already, or are just ready to open your heart to a baby – you can help give life and a home to these children. There are embryo adoption agencies who would love to work with you and help you find the perfect donating family. If you’d like to learn more about embryo adoption requirements and find an embryo adoption agency near you, visit

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