Why Parents Are Choosing to Give Their Leftover Embryos to Adoption Agencies Instead of Donating Them to Clinics?

If you are considering donating your remaining embryos to another family, be sure you educate yourself on the different donation options that are available to you. There is a big difference between donating an embryo to an adoption agency and donating an embryo to a fertility clinic. More genetic parents are choosing to donate their embryos through an open adoption process. Why? What’s the difference?

With an adoption agency, the transfer of remaining embryos from the genetic family to the adopting family follows the guidelines of a traditional open adoption. This allows the genetic family to be assured that the couple adopting their embryos has gone through extensive education about parenting an adopted child, as well as a complete background check, and a hand in picking the family who will receive their embryos. This gives peace of mind to the genetic family, knowing they are helping a deserving couple become parents.

Embryo donation doesn’t follow the same guidelines, nor does it utilize the open adoption model that allows families to stay in contact with each other later on throughout the resulting children’s lives. This can be difficult for donating families as they may be unsure about the fate of their remaining embryos. It’s also difficult on the children, who may not be able to contact their genetic families later in life.

If you are considering options for your unused embryos be sure to do your research. Consider the long-term implications of donating your embryos through a clinic or agency. Which model is better for you? If you’d like to learn more about embryo adoption and donation visit www.embryoadoption.org.

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