Doctor Advises Women Not to Wait to Have Children

Fertility expert Craig Sweet of Florida is warning women not to wait to have children if they can avoid it. Dr. Sweet says that age plays a huge role in a woman’s fertility, and as she ages she is less likely to conceive and carry a child to term. Because more women are delaying the start of their families, more are seeking fertility experts like Dr. Sweet for help. He says that by age 40 it is “tougher to get pregnant. Harder to stay pregnant. Miscarry rates are much higher.” In fact, the risk of miscarriage jumps from 1 in 6 to nearly 1 in 2 for women in their 40’s.

Many women in the Millennial generation are freezing their eggs as a sort of insurance policy against infertility in their later years when they decide to start having children. Dr. Sweet says that while this can be beneficial, “it’s a great back up, but it’s not perfect.” Fortunately, it’s also not the only option available in modern fertility medicine.

Embryo adoption has been gaining more attention in both the media and from couples struggling with infertility issues due to its low cost and high rate of success. Many donated embryos are created with eggs from younger women for IVF treatments and donated when they are done building their families. The embryos can be implanted into an adoptive mother’s womb to be carried to term, when she gives birth to her adopted baby. The procedure is safe, has a high rate of success, and is a potential fertility solution for women who have waited too long to be able to have children via natural methods or through in vitro fertilization.

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