Each year, the number of people using alternative family building methods rises. In 2013, nearly 175,000 in vitro fertilization cycles were completed – a 6% increase over 2013 and an amazing 65% increase since 2003. Methods like embryo adoption are on the rise, too, and while there are no exact national statistics on the number of embryo adoptions done each year, the flood of media attention is proof enough that more people are turning to this alternative method of building their family.

So what’s leading to the surge of alternative family building efforts such as embryo adoption and IVF?

  • More couples are waiting to start their families. The average age of mothers continues to increase, with many women waiting until their 30’s to start their family – right when their own fertility begins to decline. Putting off starting a family to build a career might be a good choice for the individual, but it could mean needing to use embryo adoption of IVF to start that family later.
  • Increase in insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Insurance coverage for infertility is still hit-and-miss, despite infertility being classified as a disease. Policies vary from company to company and state to state, but more employers are offering infertility coverage to their employees. Because of this, more couples are willing to look into alternatives since it won’t be coming entirely out of their pocket.
  • Fertility treatments are becoming safer and cheaper. As fertility treatments improve, couples know their chances of success are greater than ever before. Perfecting the science is also making treatment options less expensive, so for couples who aren’t lucky enough to be on an insurance plan that helps cover their expenses, they may still be able to afford the out-of-pocket costs. 

Of the treatments available, embryo adoption continues to be the most affordable, and in some cases, the safest. If you are searching for an alternative family building method that’s right for you, learn more at www.embryoadoption.org.

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