The Benefits of Using an Adoption Agency for Your Embryo Donation

When some couples look into embryo adoption as an option to grow their family, they’ll question the portion of the costs associated with embryo adoption that goes to the adoption agency. They may wonder if an agency is necessary, or if they could save some money and skip this step. They may have heard of families finding each other on Facebook, and think that an adoption agency is an unnecessary middleman they can cut out. When it comes to embryo adoption, working with a qualified adoption agency isn’t just beneficial – it can help protect your family in the future. Check out some of the big benefits you’ll experience when working with an adoption agency:

  • Families are vetted for their ability to raise and care for a child. For donating families, they’ll have the comfort of knowing that the family adopting their embryos is ready for a baby. The required home studies help adopting couples prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for adoption, as well.
  • Both families are legally protected. The laws surrounding embryo adoption are complicated, with the embryos being legally classified as personal property. An embryo adoption agency will understand what needs to take place in order for all parties to be protected legally during and after the adoption takes place.
  • An agency understands the emotional support families need. Embryo adoption is an exciting, emotional journey for all parties involved. An agency will have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the right level of emotional support to both the adoptive and donating family. 

Work with an adoption agency and you’ll have a happier, healthier embryo adoption experience. Want to learn more about the role an adoption agency can play in your embryo donation or adoption? Visit