Why Your Clinic Should Consider Partnering with an Embryo Adoption Agency

With the increased exposure of embryo donation and adoption in the media recently, many fertility clinics are being asked by patients if they offer embryo adoption as a family building option. If your clinic is getting inquiries about this procedure, you may want to consider partnering with an experienced adoption agency to handle your embryo adoption and use your clinic for the frozen embryo transfer. Here are three ways you can benefit from this partnership:
  1. An agency will offer unbiased matches between donating families and adopting families using the preferences specified by each family. Adoption agencies apply an open adoption model to embryo transfers, and make sure that the families are a good match for each other. This raises the confidence of the donating family that their genetic children will be matched to a family very similar to their own.
  2. Gives your patients peace of mind about their remaining embryos. The psychological burden many families face when considering what to do with their remaining embryos should not be underestimated, and donation gives them the peace of mind that the embryos they created will have a chance at life.
  3. Increased business for your clinic. More and more couples are turning to embryo adoption for building their family, and your clinic can be at the forefront of offering those services. Referrals from your partnering adoption agency will result in more business for your clinic with the embryos you created, stored, and thawed by your clinic.

Have questions about how you can bring this service to your fertility clinic? Learn more about this opportunity and other ways your clinic can benefit from a partnership with an agency that specializes in embryo adoption.

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