What is the Cost of Embryo Adoption Compared to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) reports in a study published in their journal Fertility and Sterility that the average cost of a fresh IVF cycle is $12,400. That sounds reasonable, right?

However, the article also looked at cycle-based treatment costs related to a live birth and found that women received an average of 3.6 treatments before achieving pregnancy success. Based on those parameters the cost for a single fertility treatment cycle averaged $5,000 for fertility drugs and $24,373 for the IVF procedure.

For ONE cycle. And if the patient chooses to purchase donated human eggs the cost can escalate quickly.

Why not at least consider and explore the option of embryo adoption? There are embryos available now and the total cost for the adoption AND one frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET) will average $12,000. Depending on the embryo adoption agency you choose, you may be matched with a donor who will place all of their embryos with you, giving you the opportunity have multiple FETs without securing additional embryos!

Learn more about embryo adoption at www.embryoadoption.org. You may discover it is the choice your have been seeking.

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