Men can often feel confused about the role they play during an embryo adoption and want to know what they can do to support their partner as she undergoes medical testing and various procedures in the attempt to build their family. Remember that you are in the embryo adoption process together. Go to appointments together, grieve together, and celebrate success together. As a man, you want to be an equal partner in your family, and the perfect time to start living that out is now. Be sure that you discuss your feelings about embryo adoption with each other – even the anger, frustration, and sadness that you might feel. You’ll be amazed at how sharing your feelings can be a support to your partner, and how working through those feelings results in a smoother embryo adoption process.

Unfortunately, when it comes to embryo adoption, women will bear the brunt of the physical exhaustion. Dad-to-be may need to lend a hand more often around the house and pick up some extra chores in order for mom-to-be to stay healthy before, during, and after she becomes pregnant. While you can’t really know the physical toll that her body is taking, you can do things to make it easier on her. Treat her to a couples massage, a special night out, or even an extra nap on the weekends. And remember to let her know that you appreciate the sacrifice she is making for your family.

Don’t discount the emotional and mental toll you are under. Remember that men deserve support during embryo adoptions, so look for support groups in your area or ask your fertility clinic or adoption agency for a referral. If you’d like to learn more about dealing with infertility, grieving a genetic child, and preparing yourself and your partner for embryo adoption, sign up for the free webinars at

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