Embryo Adoption Gains Attention in National Press

As word continues to spread about embryo adoption and how it is a safe, affordable alternative to in vitro fertilization, the process is now getting attention from national press outlets. People magazine recently released a series of articles about the embryo adoption and donation process. People has the largest readership of any other magazine in the United States – over 46 million people. These articles will go a long way towards educating the public on the embryo adoption process, and give more couples struggling with infertility information about this family building option. These articles from People are a must-read for anyone considering either adopting an embryo or donating their remaining embryos from an IVF procedure.
  • Read about Kevin and Liz Krainman, who adopted their daughter, Sammy, as an embryo. Liz says when she learned about embryo adoption, “...something just clicked and felt right for us. I wanted to experience pregnancy, I wanted to offer love to a child who needed it. I wanted to experience birth. Embryo adoption seemed like such an interesting and unexplored path to parenthood, and it seemed like an amazing and exciting thing to be a part of.”
  • Then meet Libby Kranz, the woman who donated the embryo who would become part of Kevin and Liz’s family. She and her husband Tony attempted IVF five times, each time resulting in a miscarriage. The family later went on to adopt one child and have 3 more naturally, but were left to decide what to do with the remaining IVF embryos. Libby says she didn’t want the embryos to be destroyed. “I believe they were life. I believe those were our children at some stage.”
  • Finally, meet Dr. Aimee Browne, a reproductive endocrinologist and Liz Krainman’s doctor. Dr. Browne discusses the science behind embryo adoption, including the rate of success and how the embryo thawing process works. She covers a lot of frequently asked questions in one interview!

If you, like Liz Krainman, feel like embryo adoption is the right fit for building your family, you can learn more about the procedure or find an embryo adoption agency at www.embryoadoption.org.

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