January 26 is quickly approaching, and with just under one month until she travels out of state for her FET, Adéye is preparing her body to accept the embryos that survive being thawed.

In her most recent video, Adéye speaks about being several weeks into taking the required medications. “It’s been okay – I’ve had some ups and downs and times of not feeling very well, but we went into this knowing that there could be potential challenges and it’s all just part of the journey,” she said.

In this video, Adéye answers more questions that she and her husband, Anthony have received regarding:

  • Open Adoption – Why did Anthony and Adéye choose to do an open embryo adoption?
  • Back Up Plan – If they aren’t successful with the four embryos that they’ve adopted, will they try again?

Watch the video below:

If you have any other questions, be sure to visit Adéye’s blog, and leave them in the comments section!

Follow Anthony and Adéye’s story from the beginning:

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