Holiday Gift Ideas for Women Struggling with Infertility

Struggles with infertility are hard to handle any time during the year, but the feelings of disappointment may be amplified during the holidays. Mixed emotions can make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Take a look at these gift ideas for women who may be struggling with infertility this season:

  • Give her a journal. While it’s often hard for a woman to talk about infertility with people, it might be easier for her to write about it. A journal can help her write about the struggles, but also about her hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Book a trip to the spa. A trip to the spa may be just what she needs to relax and forget about the struggles of infertility.
  • Take her out for a night on the town. A night of enjoyment – whether it’s a concert, a play or even just dinner – will provide her with some good memories to relive.
  • Get her a good book. Books or magazines about infertility can help it feel like a more relatable matter. Humorous reading material about infertility may also lighten the mood.
  • Share something she can keep close. Something small – jewelry or a meaningful token – that she can carry all the time may offer some comfort and strength.

While a gift will lift her spirits, perhaps the most meaningful part of a gift is that she knows someone is thinking of her, and that she’s got someone to talk to.

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