When couples experience difficulty conceiving a child naturally, they often turn to alternative methods to help them realize their dreams of becoming parents. For couples dealing with female infertility issues, they may consider purchasing donor eggs to be used for in vitro fertilization. However, this can turn into a lengthy and expensive process. There are a limited number of women out there willing to sell their eggs, and the standards for acceptable egg donors is very high. Donors with high grade point averages, good college entrance exam scores, and athletic abilities can be compensated as much as $40,000 for their eggs. Much of that money is spent before you even know if your donor is going to be able to produce enough eggs to allow for a successful in vitro fertilization process (which you will also be paying for).

For couples with unlimited time and resources, this could be a viable option. However, there are many couples who want to become parents who simply don’t have the resources required to purchase eggs from a donor. One alternative option is embryo adoption. Embryos are eggs that have already been fertilized and are waiting for the chance at life. There are over 600,000 in frozen storage across the United States. They are donated by couples who have gone through the in vitro fertilization process and have completed their family, and now they want to give the opportunity to other couples to become parents to their remaining embryos.

Embryo adoption can be much more affordable for a couple, too. The embryos are not bought and sold, but instead go through an adoption process. The costs involved are an agency fee, the cost of the medical procedure, and the cost of the home study. You can learn more about the cost of adopting an embryo by visiting www.emrbyoadoption.org.

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