Salem Family Stands Strong in Their Beliefs

Adéye and Anthony Salem believe all life is precious, and that there’s a plan and purpose for every child. They’re moving forward toward their frozen embryo transfer (FET) date and have been busy preparing, though it hasn’t exactly been an easy process.

A few weeks ago, Adéye and Anthony received a letter from the clinic where their embryos are currently stored. This letter requested them to agree to a procedure they do not agree with. They have actively been seeking an alternate clinic partner for the FET.

The embryo adoption program that Adéye and Anthony are working with, Snowflakes, has been beneficial in helping them search for clinics willing to let them make their own decisions. The search proved challenging, but they were able to find a clinic in Utah. Now, they’re back on track.

The couple’s second vlog includes a special guest, Hasya, their 15-year-old daughter who they adopted from Bulgaria about a year ago. Learn more about the challenges Adéye and Anthony have faced so far:

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