Should Donor Conceived Children Be Kept in the Dark?

More frequently we are seeing articles regarding donor conceiving children wanting to know about their genetic roots – and sperm and egg donors who are complaining (sometimes loudly) that they donated anonymously and don’t want to have any connections with resulting offspring.

What’s the solution?  Is there a solution? Who is supposed to bring about the solution?

One of the most positive aspects of following an adoption model for the process of embryo donation and adoption is the aspect of an open relationship between the donor and adopting families.  Many people have the misperception that an open adoption means a tight-knit relationship between the two families.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

An open relationship can manifest itself in many forms, from using the agency as an intermediary, to infrequent email communications, to private websites and facebook pages, to vacationing together!

The purpose of openness (as opposed to secrecy/anonymity) is to provide families with invaluable connections that primarily benefit the children involved; children born to the donating and children born to the adopting families who are full-genetic siblings of one another.

The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center has presented several webinars on this important topic. To learn more about Embryo Adoption, please visit

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