Embryo donation isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly, and for the genetic parents it is a deeply personal decision. Couples will need to discuss whether they are comfortable donating their remaining embryos, taking into account factors such as whether or not they are done building their family and their own personal beliefs. Some parents want to hold on to their embryos for several years, keeping them in storage, in case they decide that their family isn’t complete yet. Your embryos can be held in storage indefinitely, although you will have to pay the monthly storage fees.

When you do decide that your family is complete, however, embryo donation is an option that is available to you. If you decide to donate your embryos, most agencies will accept them no matter how long they’ve been in storage. You can also donate no matter how old you are or what stage of development the embryo is in. Freezing the tissue preserve the viability of the embryo, and healthy pregnancies have come from embryos that were in storage for more than ten years. That means you can keep your embryos in storage until you are absolutely sure about your family planning, then donate the remaining embryos to couples struggling with infertility and eager to give your embryo a chance to become the life it was created to be.

Donating embryos is an amazing gift that you can give to another family. If you would like to learn more about donating your embryos, visit EmbyoAdoption.org.

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