Embryo Adoption May Give Families with Genetic Abnormalities a Healthy Pregnancy Option

The American Society of Reproductive medicine recently announced a webinar for physicians to discuss how to screen couples seeking reproductive care who may have genetic disorders. A harsh reality for some couples who want to experience pregnancy and childbirth are the impacts of known genetic disorders in their current and past family histories.

Some doctors will recommend the use of donated human eggs or sperm to create embryos for the couple’s use. However, this can be an expensive proposition.

Another option available is the use of already created human embryos. Families throughout the United States have remaining ‘extra’ embryos in frozen storage, embryos they would like to donate to another couple. These donor couples have completed their family building using assisted reproductive technologies. They are currently parenting the children born to them as a result of their treatments. They want to give the remaining embryos the opportunity to live the life for which they were created.

Perhaps you are the couple they are looking for!

Learn more about embryo adoption by visiting EmbryoAdoption.org.

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