Q: Is Embryo Adoption expensive? – Susie in AL

A: Dear Susie,
Embryo adoption is a low cost adoption alternative when compared to domestic and international adoption, repeated IVF cycles and the cost of donor eggs. The embryo donor does not receive payment for their embryos. The most exciting aspect of embryo adoption is that you have the opportunity to give birth to your adopted child. The adoption of foster-care children is generally the least expensive form of adoption.

Q: What costs are involved with embryo adoption? Does the program fee include medical expenses?– Jon in CO

A: Dear Jon,
The cost of the average Embryo Adoption varies greatly depending on the agency/program/clinic involved. Typically a family can expect to pay between $10,000-$16,000 in fees. This includes the agency fee ($2,500-$10,000), a home study/family assessment ($1,000-$3,000) and a Clinic Frozen Embryo Transfer ($2,500-$6,000).

Whether the program fee includes medical expenses depends on the program you are working with. If medical expenses are included in the fee, generally you will need to work with a specified fertility clinic. If medical expenses are not included, adopting parents are able to choose their fertility clinic and doctor, and need to pay the clinic to thaw and transfer the embryos as well as any other associated medical costs connected with the transfer.

Q: Does the adopting family help with any of the fees owed by the donating parent? – Michael in KY

A: Dear Michael,
Typically, adopting families do not pick up any costs that accrued prior to having been matched with a donating family. Adopting families do often reimburse donating families for any expenses incurred during or after they are matched. This includes storage and shipping fees, legal costs, and any fees associated with medical or psychological screening. These may be included in the overall program fee if done through an agency.

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