The Bump talks Embryo Adoption! Is it right for me?

A recent post, on the popular pregnancy help website The Bump, talked about embryo adoption and featured the DeVore family. You can read about their personal experience or watch a recent news segment the DeVores recorded.

The Bump post also quotes a bioethicist from 1996 – almost 15 years ago! A lot has changed in 15 years. At the time this man was quoted there weren’t any embryo adoption programs [Snowflakes was established in late 1997]. What has been discovered since 1996 is that there is no proven ‘shelf-life’ for human embryos. Children have been born from embryos that have been frozen for 12 – 15 – 19 – 20 years! The science of embryonic stem cell research has currently yielded no working therapies whereas adult stem cell research has yielded over 100 therapies that are actively helping people.

Embryo donation and adoption has enabled families to give birth to over 6,000 children since the mid-1990s. Many families, just like the Devores, are delighted with the fact they are parents of the child they longed to hold in their waiting arms.

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