For the past 10 months the Awareness Center has hosted a monthly session of our popular “The Affordable and Accessible Adoption Choice” webinar, designed specifically for families interested in learning more about the process of embryo donation and adoption. At the end of every presentation our attendees are giving the chance to ask our team of experts any questions they may have about the process. Every session a new, interesting question is always asked. Below is one such question from our June webinar.

Q: What if we have never had infertility issues and have had successful pregnancies? Are we still eligible to pursue Embryo Adoption?

A: If you have never had infertility issues or have had successful pregnancies in the past you are still welcome to pursue and embryo adoption and the agency you are working with will likely be able to match you with a donor family. We hosted a webinar in June called “Getting Personal: Families Share Their Embryo Journeys” which featured a family from Iowa who had three children naturally and never struggled with infertility. They had never heard about embryo adoption, found out about it and thought it was a wonderful idea. They were a family who was very pro-life and loved the idea of adopting embryos and giving them a chance at life. Even though they had never struggled with infertility they decided to pursue an embryo adoption. They were matched with four embryos, transferred two, one of the embryos split in the womb and they ended up giving birth to triplets.

Even if you haven’t ever struggled with infertility most Programs will still require all families, including mothers a note from a doctor saying the adoptive mother is able to carry a pregnancy to term.

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