To tell or not to tell? That is inevitably the question when parents have children born as a result of donor conception.

It is never a simple decision, but recently several resources have come about to help aid and educate families making this critical and important choice. Below is a small list of blogs and webinars which will help parents of children born through the use of donor eggs, sperm and embryos discover the right path for them.

  • Creating A Family Blog: “Thinking About The Kids In Egg, Sperm, & Embryo Donation”– This helpful blog written by Creating a family is a great preliminary read for families wondering if it is important to tell their children where they came from. The blog addresses questions like:
    • Should you get identifying info on your donor?
    • What’s best for children conceived via egg, sperm, or embryo donation?
    • What will your future child want?
    • What do donor conceived people say?
  • EAAC Webinar: “Telling Donor Conceived Kids Family Origins”– This distinctive webinar presented by subject matter experts explores why parents using donated egg/sperm/embryo should tell their children about how they came to be a part of the family. It will also discuss methods/tools for parents to use in educating their children about their unique method for joining the family. The Awareness Center encourages clinics to share this family focused webinar with their donor egg/sperm/embryo recipients, to gain information on how to help their kids discover their story.
  • EAAC Webinar: “It’s Never Too Late: Telling Older Kids About Their Donor Conception”– This webinar discusses how you can tell your older children about their embryo adoption or donor conception history. Join Kris Probasco, Executive Director of Adoption and Fertility Resources, as she discusses methods and tools to assist parents in telling their children about their unique method of joining the family, especially if they are not toddlers or preschoolers any longer. Kids need to know their story!
  • EAAC Webinar: “The Donor Sibling Registry: Helping People Discover Their Roots”– Wendy Kramer, the founder of the Donor Sibling Registry(DSR)and Jana Rupnow of Fertility and Family LPC examine donor children and the grief and loss they experience regarding their genetic connections. Learn how the DSR came to be and how it is now helping thousands of children created via donor egg/sperm/embryo discover their origins and connect with genetic family members.

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