Openness and Embryo Donation

Last Thursday, April 24th, the Awareness Center hosted a session of our “Embryo Donor Solutions” webinar, an event explaining options for families with remaining embryos in frozen storage after completing their family building process. At the end of our presentation, our attendees asked some wonderful questions focusing on embryo donation. Below is a small sampling.

Q: Do we have to have an open relationship with the family who adopts our embryos?

A: When donating your remaining embryos, you have a few different options available. You can donate your embryos directly to a fertility clinic. This would be done anonymously and it would essentially be the end of your involvement. You would sign the embryos over to the clinic and the clinic would take it from there.

Through an embryo adoption program, you can also donate anonymously, but the program will give you education about the advantages an open adoption and moving forward with an open adoption contract with the adoptive family. Embryo adoption programs do have families who just they really feel most comfortable donating anonymously and it is a possibility.

Q: If we choose a closed adoption, can we still learn about whether or not a baby was born?

A: In this instance, you probably cannot learn about if a baby is born when donating your embryos to a fertility clinic program. If you are working with an embryo adoption program the answer is probably yes. The adoption agency would act as the intermediary. You wouldn’t have any information about the adoptive family and they wouldn’t have any information about you. You would just know if a baby was born. You can also always reach out to the agency down the road and let them know you are reconsidering the level of openness you want with the adoptive family. The agency will then reach out to the adoptive family and see if they also want to increase this as well.

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